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3 February, 2010

Out for Repairs

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In the past week, we’ve had a huge number of things go wrong at our household.

1. Computer that runs the television broke.
2. Ben’s car broke.
3. Ben almost lost his wedding ring in the snow at night.
4. Ben nearly injured himself in three different ways in the course of 72 hours: luckily not broken toe, burnt hand, or twisted ankle.
5. While investigating a toilet noise, I broke the arm that holds up the ball. Now replaced . . . and still making the original noise.
6. Replaced bathtub drain plug.
7. Took Loki in for stitch and feeding tube removal.
8. Replaced all four of my nearly bald tires, due to it being our only car at present.
9. The big one that happened last night: my hard drive broke, resulting in the loss of anything I’ve written and photos I’ve shot in the last two weeks, in addition to my emails and contacts. Nope, no review of El Rodeo for now, or that Trader Joe’s Reserve Syrah, or the Ritz at the Cheesecake Factory. Also not going to happen: my weekly General Hospital column and any other work that is not directly related to redoing my editing projects.

What this means to you, my faithful readers, is that I’m not going to have any updates until the end of next week. Why so long? Because we’re going to Disney World! It’s a trip that’s been planned for months, and it couldn’t have come at a better time for our sanity. Hopefully, we’ll manage to make it to the train tomorrow night without any additional problems. As Ben said, they can’t blame us if the train breaks down!

See you next week, when I hope to get some of those blog posts rewritten.

The Gourmez

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