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28 December, 2009

Alice White Shiraz 2006 — Wine Review

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Wine: Alice White Shiraz 2006
Region: Southeastern Australia

Nose: Candied cherry and chocolates.
Taste: Bright, ripe cherries and semisweet chocolate, which surprises me as a lot of the wines I’ve tried lately have had noses that vastly diverge from their tastes. This is a medium-bodied wine, mildly tannic, and overly pleasant. It’s easy to enjoy on its own, so why not do just that?

3 stars

3 stars

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

PB @ The Wine Cask Blog on the 2005 vintage

This Aussie mass produced varietal from the folks who export about 15 gazillion cases of wine to the USA is a decent, inexpensive wine. It is cherry red and full of blackberries.

In the mouth it is pleasantly fruit forward, juicy, balanced, and simple though a little layer of chocolate emerges later on, and is frankly, a decent wine and solid value at $7.

@ PhilosYphia on the 2007 vintage

The Alice White is a shiraz wine of amazingly smooth flavor and palate; I was really rather blown away by how easily it slid down my gullet without stopping to zing any taste buds in particularly loud notes . . . With just the slightest hint of a woodiness to it, this extremely mellow-flavored wine just felt right in my mouth and even better in my belly.

Reviewed on 12.15.09 by The Gourmez.


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