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18 November, 2009

? Wine (Oreana Winery Red Table Wine)

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Wine: ? Wine (Oreana Winery’s Red Table Wine)
Region: Central Coast, CA

This blend of unknown wine varietals was thrown together by a winemaker who apparently got some barrels mixed up.  It is definitely a flavorful wine. Spice is the dominant presence with a good amount of plum, orange, and leather. There’s also a lingering undertone of grass. The tannins are moderate.  Overall, I found ? to be more pleasant and drinkable than many wines with known origins.

3 stars

3 stars

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Yum Sugar @ To Die For Yum Sugar

Since it was a “mistake” and under $10, I figured there was no way it would be tasty, but I was wrong. The flavor ended up being well-balanced and smooth, with a bit of a peppery undertone. It wasn’t an amazing wine, but it was perfect for the occasion. I would definitely try it again and besides, the bottle is quite a conversation starter. It would pair nicely with rare meats and as the winery suggests, “your own favorite culinary error.”

RJ @ RJ’s Wine Blog

Day 1 – on the nose, definitely black cherry, with a little anise, chocolate and leather. Taste profile is surprisingly rich and more complex than I thought it would be, but it’s hot on the alcohol and the richness disappears pretty quickly, with a mellow to dead finish. Overall, a pretty good, but not great, $6 wine.

Day 2 – this one I gave a second chance and decided to taste the day after as well. A day did help this one. The first thing I noticed is that the alcohol had mellowed as it opened up – still there, but not as prevalent. Overall, more open and more balanced, but, surprisingly, the fruit had deadened a bit. At best, I got a very dark, very ripe cherry flavor, with a little strawberry and mint (mint’s an odd one for me, but it is there).

What you should do:
Buy it if you’re at Trader Joe’s, but don’t rush out for this one.

Reviewed by the Gourmez on 11.1.09.

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