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2 November, 2009

50th Red Wine Review! And the winner is . . . Falcon Ridge Syrah 2006.

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This is my 50th Red Wine Review! That means I can take the day off, right? No, not that celebratory a cause? Aw, shucks.

Without further adieu . . .

Wine: Falcon Ridge Syrah 2006
Region: Central Coast, CA

There is some sort of fruit trying to wave at my nose hairs in this wine. It’s impossible to tell what it is over the domineering tobacco presence. On tasting, the picture gets a little clearer and I’m fairly certain that it’s a tart blackberry jam trying not to drown in the sea of tobacco. My tongue feels stripped by the acidity after two glasses but they were pretty good glasses, nonetheless.


Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

@ Great Value Wines

The particular example is excellent. It has a rich, ripe feel to it with flavors of blackberries and currants. Almost chewy.

Jason @ Jason’s Wine Blog

Upon opening it you were greeted with a spicy nose, heavy in tannins. On the palate black fruit was apparent early but quickly disappeared and left you with a mineralish finish again heavy in tannins. Think they did some work on this one in the lab. I certainly can’t recommend it, especially with this Gravity Hills Syrah available.

Rating: Skip It

Reviewed by The Gourmez on 10.11.09.

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