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8 October, 2009

Wine Review–Bella Sera 2007 Pinot Grigio

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Wine:  Bella Sera 2007 Pinot Grigio
Region:  Dollo Venizie, Italy

This pinot grigio smells of sweet and crisp honeydew. It tastes minerally with some undertones of green pear and a dash of vanilla thrown in for good measure.  There’s also an aftertaste like you’ve just eaten a tart lemon cream cookie.  I’d like another, please.

3 stars

Other bloggers said:

Karen B’s Cooking Made Easy!:

I found this delightful Pinot light and crisp. With a hint of pear which was very nice. Refreshing for a hot summer day!

Goes great with appetizers, light pastas, fish and chicken.


Cheap Italian PG with Domino’s Pizza. Just fine.  Swell, actually.   Subtle tropical fruit, faint lime and such.  Cheap.  Not the best cheap Italian PG, but cheap Italian PG, none-the-less.  It’s s’okay.

Grade:  B-

Reviewed 8.31.09.

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