26 February, 2009

6 Days to Paradise

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We are headed to Jamaica in less than a week.  I feel very overdue for a vacation, even though we just spent a week in California last October.  But as most of you know, travel is my lifeblood.

Morro Bay, CA, from my last escape
Morro Bay, CA, from my last escape

It seems as though, the more time I spend in one place, the less time I end up spending away from it. Is that why people end up living in the same towns their whole life?  Inertia?

Okay, getting off the subject there.  Jamaica!  In the next week, my main priorities are to pick up a new swimsuit, some shorts, and my beach reading to include this month’s book club choice, The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.  I think I’ll also slip in a fantasy novel, though I’m not sure if I want to start rereading A Song of Ice and Fire yet.  Perhaps those of you who suggested books before could re-suggest them?  I’m too lazy to find the old status update on Facebook.  Inertia.  See how I tied that all together?

So I am looking forward to sun, tans, water, drinks, food, and going on a canopy tour.  I haven’t been on a zip line since high school summer camps and I loved them then.  I plan to hum “Free Falling” as I zip along.  Yes, I can definitely be that cheesy.

I always get a bit nervous when going somewhere new, though my sense of adventure usually wins out.  I am worried that it’ll rain the whole time, that we’ll have to wait in line at the restaurants for hours, and that I won’t get enough sense of Jamaica as a place while staying at a resort.  This is supposed to be a relaxed trip, so I shouldn’t be worrying about that last one at all but I know I’ll feel a bit gypped if I don’t get that sense of being in a culture different from my own.  Or I’ll just drink enough pina coladas and forget all about it.

Any tips from those of you who have gone to Jamaica or stayed in resorts before?  Favorite tropical drinks?  Places in Ocho Rios that I simply must visit?  Ways to avoid overdosing on Bob Marley’s music?

And yes, there will be a travelogue write-up upon our return.


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  • Jen
    March 2, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    Take me with you. I am small and will fit in your luggage.

    A word of caution from the fine people in the Dominican republic: do not have more than a couple of coconut-based drinks a day, as coconut is a natural laxative. Most Americans think they get food poisoning while in the Carribbean, but, um, it’s not.

    Have fun!

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