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26 April, 2007

Arena Loca Red Ringmaster 2004

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Arena Loca Red Ringmaster 2004

Color: Thick, deeply dark, almost brown.
Smell: Very subtle fruit & tobacco.
Sip: Light flavor, tobacco, leafy. No acidity. A little chocolate aftertaste.
Gulp: Very mellow, yet dense. Cherry fruit comes out first, with the chocolate finish. If there was only some spice, I could drink this all night and day, and the next one.

I admit, I am predisposed towards Spanish wines. They usually have the best spice. I love spice. Mmm, spice. However, I can judge this one on its other merits as, sadly, it has no spice. Don’t despair! Arena Loca’s red rises far above that void as it is so beautifully blended that I barely miss it.

4 stars

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