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14 March, 2017

Left Coast Cellars Wines

Left Coast Cellars Wines
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Obligatory disclaimer: Left Coast Cellars provided these wines for my review for free. My experience with Left Coast Cellars (website here) is not a long one…but it has certainly been a fruitful one. And I didn’t even intend that to be a wine pun. Ivy Hover is Left Coast’s marketing director, an A+ person, and my
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30 March, 2012

Comique Revolution Blanc 2010

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Comique Revolution Blanc 2010 Central Coast, CA Look at this — another wine that won me over with its label artistry! I’m so predictable. This time, that art is an alluring blend of golden tones with black lines portraying some odd lords and ladies along with exclamations that they had to “cut the fluff!” apparently
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28 March, 2012

Espiral Vinho Rosé

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Espiral Vinho Rosé Gaia, Portugal Apologies, but I have no wine label to share with you. This is a bottle I picked up at Trader Joe’s — hopefully, that helps if you’re interested in it? Espiral Vinho Rosé is a rosé version of vinho verde, and I was super excited to see it. I love
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21 March, 2012

Alexander Valley Rendition Zinfandel 2009

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Alexander Valley Rendition Zinfandel 2009 Sonoma Country, CA Strawberry and nectarine simmered with nutmeg are the most prominent smells from this leathery red wine. It smells sharp, full-bodied, and young.  Strawberry remains when drinking it, but the spice is more akin to allspice. It tastes a lot lighter than it smells, and eucalyptus and brown
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14 March, 2012

Epicurio 2008 Primitivo Di Manduria Vendemmia

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Epicurio 2008 Primitivo Di Manduria Vendemmia Apulia, Italy The nose of this wine made from a relative of the zinfandel grape is full of rich milk chocolate truffle with a hint of raspberry. The smell makes me rather excited to drink it, I must say, as truffles with raspberry are my favorite ratings, after all.
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18 January, 2012

Yellowtail Shiraz Grenache 2010

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Yellowtail Shiraz Grenache 2010 Southeastern Australia Blueberry flavors come first with this wine, but they melt away into something that reminds me of the fig butter I just picked up from Trader Joe’s. But this wine is bitterer than the fig butter and pretty dry. There’s a heat to it, and I’d call it medium
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16 December, 2009

Black Swan Merlot — Wine Review (and a few notes)

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Expect my blog posts to continue being a bit sporadic until the new year — we are headed out of town to visit friends and family in LA in a week, so while I hope to keep up posts, I’m not hitting quite as many restaurants lately due to lack of time!  I do plan
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23 October, 2009

Wine Review–Turning Leaf Pinot Noir 2007

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Wine: Turning Leaf Pinot Noir 2007 Region: Germany This pinot noir has a vibrant nose of Saint Anne’s cherry.  Until this glass, it had been a long time since I’d had a bright, light-bodied wine that didn’t make me pucker.  It’s very tasty, with plenty of mildly tart cherries to plop in your mouth.  Have
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21 October, 2009

Wine Review–Incanto Rose

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Wine:  Incanto Rose Region:  Italy This sparkling rose has no nose to speak of.  It is moderately fizzy and paltry in personality.  I would liken it to a sparkling water with lemon-lime flavoring and a dash of berry.  It would work as a very light accompaniment for a meal but definitely not for drinking on
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28 September, 2009

Wine Review–Clos Roche Blanche

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Wine:  Clos Roche Blanche 2008 Region:  Touraine, Loire Valley, France This rose is full of berry on the nose that disappears when you drink it.  In the berry’s place, there’s a citrus flavor that tastes like Fresca, except it’s more pungent yet also more grounded.  It’s a velvety wine that is quirky, bright, and stony. 
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