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13 December, 2016

Gloria Jean’s Coffees’ 2016 Fall Flavors Review

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Obligatory disclaimer: This post is based on free coffee samples I received from Gloria Jean’s Coffees.

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Gloria Jean’s Coffees is a mall favorite for grabbing a caffeinated treat to keep you buzzing through the holiday throngs. They’re also one of the few coffee shops out there these days that wholeheartedly embraces flavored coffees, and frankly, I love that! Yes, a good pourover can awaken your senses to coffee’s natural potential, but sometimes, a little cinnamon spice is everything nice that you need in your cup, especially during the winter months. Here in northern California, those months aren’t too cold, but they sure are overcast.

Over four days in early November, I tried all three fan favorite fall flavors and posted my thoughts on Instagram. Here’s a round-up for you!

Gloria Jean’s Caramel Pecan Roll Coffee

Normally, I don’t like pecan rolls—too much concentration of butter and lard in one pastry for me. So this flavor filled me with the most trepidation, which is why it went first! Luckily, as the caption reads, the “Caramel Pecan Roll surprises me with restraint – a fleetingly rich and earthy brew that earns its right to fill my mug.” I had no need for worry; Gloria Jean’s knows how to dial back on what could be a sickeningly sweet flavor!

Gloria Jean’s Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Ah, the ubiquitous pumpkin spice, the subject of as much scorn as praise these days. Perhaps that’s why I called my cat Loki in to assist. This one definitely went heavy on the pie spices with little pumpkin presence. Whether that’s a plus or a minus depends on your tastes! I like a little pumpkin in the mix, but plenty of people are far more drawn to the suggestion of fall pies than the actual squash involved.

Gloria Jean’s Caramel Apple Nut

This flavor again had the potential to overwhelm, but instead, the apple and caramel melded into a velvety smooth blend with a touch of Granny Smith tang. Probably my favorite of the bunch, though the Caramel Pecan Roll did have an appealing earthiness.

Gloria Jean’s Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

My sample box also included Ethiopian yirgacheffe beans, for when the palate wants a simpler blend.

This brew was all the way mellow, which I don’t normally associate with yirgacheffe, as I often find that beans from that region have higher acidic properties that come across as citrus notes. For me, Gloria Jean’s Yirgacheffe was a smooth, easy drinker.

I believe the fall flavors have now been displaced by the holiday line-up at Gloria Jean’s stores, but you can still order them in coffee bean form from Gloria Jean’s website here. The Yirgacheffe is hiding in the light-to-medium roast section while the others appear, appropriately, in the flavored tab. Enjoy!

Reviewed first week of November 2016.


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