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30 November, 2011

Virgin Bourbon

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Virgin Bourbon
Bardstown, Kentucky
101 Proof

I picked up this bottle of bourbon while it was significantly discounted at my local ABC store. I was out of bourbon, which is a horrible tragedy that must always be addressed. It was only $11 for 750 ml, which means it’s much cheaper than the Woodford Reserve and Bulleit bourbons that I prefer. But I was convinced to try it because I saw that little 7-years-of-age indicator, which I assumed meant it might have some character, and thus, might be a pretty good deal. I was wrong.

Its coloring is burnt orange with a deeper red simmering inside the glass. It smells highly alcoholic—it is 101 proof, folks—but beneath that lurks some lovely peach and caramel undertones. You may not get past the alcohol in the nose, though, and you definitely won’t in the glass, or at least you won’t if your bourbon tastes are like mine. I can really tell the difference in quality compared to the higher grade bourbons. It’s rough on my palate, and I have to force it down. I taste a thin bourbon flavor in between the burning sensations with none of those flavors in the nose that seemed so promising.

Virgin Bourbon, there’s nothing pure about you for me.

Reviewed 6 Nov 11.



4 thoughts on : Virgin Bourbon

  • Jason
    December 28, 2011 at 10:06 am

    I’ve been purchasing VB for several months now because of the reduced cost. I’ve been mixing it with soda, though, and I think the taste is good for that. I only tried a sip a couple times. I purchased some Bullet over the Christmas weekend for a treat. I tried it neat and thought it was very good. Last night I was having some chocolate cake and though a nice neat shot of bourbon would go great with that. I had some VB and am glad I poured a small shot. I had to let it sit in my mouth for about 10 seconds to cool down before drinking it. The alcohol taste is too overpowering. But, as a mixer, it really does the trick 😉

  • December 29, 2011 at 12:46 pm

    I will consider the confidence in Virgin as a mixer! I’m more of a sipper for bourbon, unless it’s a drink like a Manhattan, but the taste of the bourbon’s important in those older cocktails, too, so I don’t think Virgin would be ideal for me. But I’m sure I’ve got some other readers who’d love a cheaper alternative for soda mixing, though!

  • Waydo from the Wild West
    February 25, 2012 at 12:29 am

    Virgin bourbon 101 is a potent whiskey that works well on the rocks and as a mix with coca-cola. The first guy commenting has no idea ? This is good value and is rich with phenol, caramel, burnt sugar , syrup and a hint of spice (rye). 4 of these and you are on you’re way !.. In fact im having one right now ! Enjoy Virgin 101

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